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by Rosie Tronsdal



Astrology is a science where the planets or celestial bodies in motion set patterns with one another and the astrologer interprets their symbolic meaning.

Drawing a Birth Chart is the first step an astrologer starts working on which is an image of the planets in the sky at the moment of birth setting up the date, month, year, birthplace and time. The Birth Chart even called a Natal Chart describes in which zodiac sign and house system the planets and astrological points reside. The house system represents different themes in life. 

Professional Forecasting from an astrological point of view is the intention to explore and connect different chart systems in connection to the Birth Chart to make sense and find meaning from different areas in life and thereby explore the potential possibilities of future events and experiences. Charts involved in the professional forecasting consultation is the Birth Chart, calculations of transits, secondary progressions, progressed moon, lunar phases, solar arc, solar return, and midpoints.

Sun sign astrology is a form of astrology most commonly found in many newspaper and magazine columns. It is a simplified system of astrology which considers only the position of the Sun at birth, which is said to be placed within one of the twelve zodiac signs. This sign is then called the sun sign or star sign of the person born in that twelfth-part of the year.

Unlike sun sign astrology, ASTROLOGI-ZONE takes into consideration the position of the planets in the sky together with where and when you were born giving you a super-personalized horoscope.





Enters Aquarius 22nd March – 1st July (11th May turns retrograde 2° Aquarius)

Back in Capricorn 2nd July – 16th December (29th September turns direct 25° Capricorn)

Enters Aquarius 17th December 2020 – 7th March 2023


When Saturn enters Aquarius on the 22nd March our barriers and restrictions may seek innovative ways while the Corona still prevails. Now is the time when COLOUR, SOUND and NATURE emerge. The colour of the sky and water in certain areas are changing, the waters are bluer and clearer; even the sky is clearer in the areas of Milan. Walking trails or just being in the open air, we hold our distance and we discover sounds, the birds are singing, in Spain many households went on their doorsteps to praise the caregivers by clashing their kitchen ware, likewise in Italy there were singers on their balconies reaching out to the cosmos. The Metropolitan Opera sending live music for free, to light up the darkness in this difficult time. Even animals have started to explore new spots, I have seen cunning foxes near my home exploring new boundaries. Here in Sweden golf activities have increased because we appreciate the freedom of Mother Nature.


So what happened in March when Saturn entered Aquarius?

- The earthquake in Zagreb on the 22nd March. The cathedral is damaged.

- The spread of Covid-19. Some leaders infected.

- Disturbances in traffic, increase in Internet communication, working from home,

- 5G technology is spreading quickly.

- Awareness of the importance of caregivers.


Saturn in the Aquarius Age pours out the water of wisdom to everyone. We get more digitalized, individualized, focused on our own constructive projects, awareness of the needs of humanitarian responsibility (the old and the sick), collaboration with people that share the same ideology and tolerance to people that are different.


Please be careful and practise social distance.

10 Jan, 9 Feb, 9 Mar, 8 Apr, 7 May, 5 Jun, 5 Jul, 3 Aug,
2 Sep, 10 Oct, 31 Oct, 30 Nov, 30 Dec.


24 Jan, 23 Feb, 24 Mar, 23 Apr, 22 May, 21 Jun, 20 Jul,
19 Aug, 17 Sep, 16 Oct, 15 Nov, 14 Dec.


Solar Annular 26 Dec in Capricorn,

Lunar Appulse 10 Jan in Cancer
Lunar Appulse 5 June in Sagittarius
Solar Annular 21 June in Cancer
Lunar Appulse 5 July in Capricorn
Lunar Appulse 30 Nov in Gemini
Solar Total 14 Dec in Sagittarius

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